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I accidentally dropped my leopard gecko!! HELP?!?

i was just about to put her back into her cage, i had just giving her a bath because she is shedding.She was in my hand and run off of it and fell onto the floor, there was a towel on the floor so it wasn't straight on,it was about a 3 and 1/2 foot fall. she hit the ground and her tail started to twitch uncontrollably it did not detach or was that because of her unshedded skin holding it on? her tail is not twitching any more but i'm really scared please help, the tip is slowly swaying back and forth. i swear it's not my fault i feel so bad right now i'm almost crying, i'm so worried she is going to die please help

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    Just watch to see that she returns to normal. Internal injuries may not show up right away. If she starts to act sick or lethargic, you might want the vet to check her out.

    You don't have to bathe leos when they are shedding unless they are having a problem. Supplying a moist hide at all times will eliminate any shedding issues.

    Source(s): CVT and leo owner
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    she will probably be fine that happened with my bearded dragon and she jumped off while i was standing up onto A wooden floor

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    She'll be fine. She's just shocked. Put her back in her tank be very careful of her tail tomorrow she'll be fine.

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