will this go down with a girl i like that i hurt and her friends ?

So i recently posted a question about a girl, i think i profoundly hurt her.. i mean how many times will a girl put themselves out there to get rejected. Anyways, to clear up any awkwardness i am thinking of sending her a Xmas card with a small apology note - not to manipulate her into forgiving me or liking me again, but to be peaceful with each other if nothing else. if you could also tell me any changes you think i should make or any extra i should add would be appreciated.

Merry Christmas! Christmas is the season for giving and I'm writing to give you my best wishes for you. I acted like a complete jerk when you were making the effort to get to know me as friends last year and I comprehend the irreparable damage I have done. I sincerely apologise for my behaviour and anything that I've done, and the hurt I have caused you in the process. I'm not sure of my medical degree timetable, but if I'm not able to see you again, let me wish you and your friends a merry Christmas and a happy new year on this note. May 2011 bring success but most importantly, happiness; and that all your dreams can begin to manifest and you are able to reach for the stars and to all your life wishes. May all your hopes come true for each and every one of you, too! You seem a nice group of girls, they seem protective and I’m sure you and your friends will do well in your discipline. Hope it works out for you all. To conclude, I really am sorry for anything that has caused you to feel anger, hurt or uncomfortable in any way. Good luck to you in life! Merry Christmas!

Can you give me any recommendations please and your opinion. thanks. do you prefer this one or the original one ? this one is slighter shorter and not so repetitive.

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    try adding : " i'm sorry i didnt reciprocate ur feelings.. I'm a jerk I know.. I really hope you'll fi someone who deserves you whom I'm sure is better than me"

    something like that , u don't want to mislead her

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