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What can I make out of bottle caps and/or plastic bags?

There are so many bottle caps and plastic bags that you can't just "throw in the recycle bin", so I was wondering what I could make out of them?

What have you guys made?? Your suggestions?

I know that you can nail those round tuna cans to the wall and hang stuff on them. But that's all I know haha.

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    Depending on where you live you can recycle plastic bags at the grocery store. Mine takes those and styrofoam containers as well. I just save them up and every now and then throw them in the car for my next shopping trip. You definitely shouldn't ever put plastic bags in recycling bins though, even if they do take them - they jam the machinery that sorts the recyclables and then they just get thrown out, not recycled.

    Not sure about bottle caps but you might try donating them to a preschool for the kids' art projects maybe?

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    You can recycle them by using them for something else. We save the plastic caps from the gallon milk jugs and make checker games. We will store the game in a recycled crystal light container. And the checker board is painted on a recycled piece of material or felt. You can find an organization that works with a children's ministry and send the games to children is other countries. Totally recycled and not just a craft project that is going to end up in the land fill. Hope this helps.

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    For bottle caps you could make necklaces out of them or bracelets, you could also put them as decoration by painting them and putting em up around ur room or house. For Plastic Bags you could make clothin out of them. One time me and my friends were having a water balloon fight and saw some plastic bags and cut em and tied em to make dresses and shirts and pants, so we didnt get wet. We decorated them, overall it was a great experience and didnt really get wet.

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    Plastic bags can be used as boot liners to keep your feet dry.

    You can also crumple them up and stuff them into some cloth that has been sewn up for use as a pillow. Avoid bread bags for these as the ink is not exactly a clean ink (heavy metals).

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  • i once painted bottle caps different colors and then glued them on my desk (haha i was bored, it actually looked pretty nice). you could do that or paint them and glue them on flower pots or pretty much anything, just to add a bedazzled look. or you could make sock puppets and use the bottle caps for the eyes. i can't think of anything you can do with a plastic bag.

  • You can cut or tear strips of a plastic bag, roll them into a string-like form, and braid them to make bracelets or anything else you can think of.

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    I know some people cut bags into strips and then braid them to make mats for there house.

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    First u buy a bottle cap frame than u can make it.

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    plastic shopping bags.................. if you crochet, you can cut then into strips and tie then together to make a long rope and make a door mat either round or oblong.

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    Well you can make a bracelet out of pop can tops and ribbon.

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