What could these hard, painful bumps on my head be?

They are only on the very top and they are hard, painful, and feel like they might have little scab-tops. I can't see them because they are under my hair and I tried to get my mom to look at them but she said she didn't see anything. Any ideas as to what this is? Thanks so much!

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    1 decade ago
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    They are hard? Hum... The head and neck are where a lot of people get boils... They may be insect bites... Hum... I'm assuming you haven't left the country recently? Specifically south america or africa? Then it can be a parasite.

    I say it is more likely that it is either some sort of insect bite or a cluster of boils.

    Either way, have your school nurse check them out for you... S/he can at least tell you if you need to tell your mom to take you to a doctor.

    If you get a fever or if they start to really hurt, tell your parents...

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