Which of the following does the brain use to pull your hand away from a hot object?

(interneuron? Sensory neuron? Motor neuron? Glial cells?)

Is it the Glial cells? I'm not entirely certain.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Sensory neurons would be the first to receive the signal, followed by the motor neurons, who would cause your hand to move away. If you have to pick just one answer, though, I'd go with sensory neuron.

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    The interneuron decides whether or not it is hot enough to pull your hand away, but it is a mixed neuron (sensory and motor) that actually picks up the information. It is then sent to the dorsal root ganglion of the spinal cord. This is the place where it makes the decision to quickly pull your hand away. It doesn't have to be sent all the way to the brain to make the decision. Yes, glial cells wrap around the axons of neurons to speed up the transmission of information.

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    A sensory neuron will send a signal to the brain that your hand is on a hot object. A motor neuron then sends the signal to actually move the hand. This all happens very quickly. Glial cells support neurons but they do not send signals like neurons.

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