I got a new ipod touch, so I would be giving my old ipod to my dad. However, I did not want to share itunes with my dad, so i went to the apple website and it showed me how to create a new library. Once I created the new library, I couldn't find my old library and now i want to know how to get my original library back.

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  • Robert
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    1 decade ago
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    Hold down option when you open iTunes, and it will pop up a box with an option to select a new library. Go into your iTunes folder after selecting "chose library' and select your old one. If that does not work, the not-quite-as-convenient method would be to manually re-ad everything to iTunes by opening iTunes and then going file-->add to library. When the dialogue box pops up, select your iTunes folder and click add. It will then add movies, music, and apps back in--without any playcounts or playlists intact.

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