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what are some easy at home workouts that give you a flat and firm stomach?

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    getting a flat, firm stomach is not as easy as doing a few sit ups and crunches a day, this alone will increase the size of your abdominals but unless you lose the fat you will just appear fatter. to show of your abs you should first work on your diet and make sure you are eating a balanced healthy diet, that is not too high in saturated fats. To lose fat you need to burn more calories than you consume, to do this you should incorporate some form of aerobic exercise into your daily routine, going for walks, bike rides etc, try to aim for 2-3 30 minute sessions a week. If you combine this with a few god ab exercises you should begin to see your abs in a few weeks.

    i find the best basic ab exercises are crunches and leg raises, start on 10 of each and gadually build it up from there

    Source(s): Im training to be a personal trainer
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    Sit-ups and crunches

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    putting down the bag of chips?

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