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Pancake mix experation date?

I have this pancake mix in the cupboard that i was going to use to make pancakes for dinner lol but the experation date says 11/29/10 would it still be safe to use. I just want to make sure. I dont want to food poison anybody.

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    does it say, "expired" or does it say "Best if used by..."?

    Best if used by means it COULD taste old after that date. Or the leavening in it would not be as powerful and your pancakes may not be as fluffy as they should.

    Seriously though, that was only 2 weeks ago.

    If it was fine on November 28th, it wouldn't be spoiled on November 29th.

    Smell it.

    If it doesn't smell old, use it.

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    It doesn't expire, thats just best before, meaning it would taste that little bit better if you eat it before the best before date

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    Unless you've left it open and/or you live in the tropics, you should be fine.

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    sounds like a reasonable time lapse. i'd go ahead & use.....throw away at the end of the year.

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    I'm pretty sure you'll live haha...ya just don't really use it after like this month

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    It should be fine..

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