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going on the pill at 14?

okay, so i know it sounds like im a slut from the title.

but i really have no interest in having sex, any time soon.

but i actauly have a question.

i have never gotten my peirod for 6months straight. sometimes it happends, sometimes it doesnt. it hasnt now for about almost five months and im kinda woried.

my mom said if this continued that she'd put me on the pill, becuase it'll help it go.

(she works at a hostbital and knows all this crap. )

but she also said id gain weight.

how much would i gain? because im already considered "fat" compared to my firends.

i also heard that if i go on the pill to early it could wreck something, and when im older i may not be able to have children.

i guees what im asking, is did anyone have any simular questions?

and not only that, but any added info/ comments would be loved. :)


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    Birth control pills don't make everyone gain weight, it's just a common side effect not a certainty. It all depends on the person whether or not they'll gain weight or not. Going on birth control would definitely not interfere with your fertility. Most women have been on some form of birth control at some point in their lives and go on to have healthy pregnancies and healthy babies. I was on birth control for 4 years and I'm now 32 weeks pregnant with a healthy baby boy, no problems getting pregnant at all. Lots of girls go on birth control for acne or irregular periods and even other things and it's totally normal and typically helps a lot. I definitely don't think you're a slut (even if you were going on it because you were having sex or planning on having sex) because it's a smart thing to do if you don't want to get pregnant. Good luck :)

  • I was probably about 14 when i went on the pill, and I started taking it because of having really irregular periods, I never really experienced any weight gain from taking it. I never heard anything about going on it too early causing you to not be able to have children but I guess it could be true, it would be best to ask your mom or doctor about that, I had friends who started taking it even younger than me who were given it to help control really bad acne problems.

    I'm pretty sure it doesnt affect fertility though as I took it for a few years and now am expecting my first in a month

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    Your not a slut! I went on the pill at 14 because of irregular periods and bad cramps, at 14 your body is going through major changes so it is normal for your periods to be irregular at this time. As for weight gain, it didn't effect me, but if your worried about that maybe try to do some exercise and eat healthly. I've had 1child and am pregnant with my second so no I don't think you have to worry about that! I was on the pill for about 8 years before I had my daughter and conceived straight away after coming off it!

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    I went on the pill when I was 14 or 15 to regulate my periods (which were coming too often). I didn't gain any weight. Most women don't gain anything at all, or put on less than 5lbs. You'll never know what side effects you'll get unless you try, and the side effects are reversible (some will get more acne, some will get less).

    The pill does not affect your long-term fertility. You'll be fertile again as soon as you stop taking it again.

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    Our middle daughter started taking a low dose pill at age 14 for the same kinds of reasons - very irregular periods which caused a lot of nausea and intestinal problems. She hasn't gained any weight at all from it (she's 18 now) and it really improved her life because she doesn't feel so gross all the time. The one she takes is called Loestrin Fe and she'd recommend it to anyone having a problem like this.

    Wishing you well.

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    I started on the pill at 13 myself for irregular periods. I took it for about 4 years and when i quit amazingly my periods were very regular. Now i am happily 11 weeks pregnant. I thank going on the pill is a great idea whether your sexually active or not . Oh and i never gained any weight with the pill.

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    Going on the pill will make you gain a little weight as it makes you look more 'bloated'. If I were you I would go to the doctor and tell them what is going on even if your Mom works at a hospital. You could have a medical condition that makes you not have your period often and birth control may not help.

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    as long as its for all the right reasons then the birth control pill is good.

    you might have to test out certain pills and see how you react. some maybe you get lighter/heavier periods, some make you lose/gain weight. you just have to do trial and error. good luck (:

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