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I have a mexican boyfriend we want to get married;how can we do that?(by the way stay in atlanta)?

anyone who can tell me anything about this it would be helpful.ive been to numerous places and plenty of people have given me the run around.

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    getting married is easy and falls entired under Georgia law. getting him legal status will be much harder depending on whether he entered the US legally with a visa, or illegally. if he entered legally, you can file an I-130 immigrant petition, an I-485 adjustment of status form and an I-765 work authorization request. check out and read through the instructions for the I-485 in the forms section.

    otherwise, you can still file the I-130, but he won't be able to get legal staus while in the US. instead once the petition has been processed and approved, he'd have to go back to Mexico to be interviewed in Ciudad Juarez. he'd be denied though since he's been living illegally in the US, but he would be able to apply for a waiver through USCIS and if he gets it, return legally and get his green card. there's no guarantee he would get it, but if this is his only immigration problem, he probably will. but that will add to the time he needs to spend in Mexico waiting for his visa. at the moment, that's the only way for illegal aliens to get legal status.

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    Well, the first BIG AND IMPORTANT step is consulting with a lawyer. Yes it is a bit spendy, but it is totally worth it. I'm about to get married with my fiancee and hes mexican and I am legal here and were going to go with a lawyer and consult our case. After that,you would get married of course!lol. and then you need to start the process to fix him papers. For instance, you guys would be filling out Form 1-130 to fix him his papers. Good luck!

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    You have to get married in Mexico, he has to live in Mexico to get married.

    That way you'll be able to get him residence in the U.S. unless you want

    to live in Mexico. How if he's been deported to mexico in the past or has had

    any problems with American law, he won't be able to get residence, I recommend

    you visit an immigration lawyer, he can explain step by step what to do but I

    assure you hes gonna tell you to get married outside the U.S. in Mexico

    since it's the only way.

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    traducción del español al inglés

    Step One -

    Be extensive as it is to be married civilly to have the paper that is the key to all procedures "all."

    Then ask Him to the marriage to seek help at the Mexican Embassy and to give suggestions for probate.

    Another is to ask for external relations of your country and get legal status for your husband in Atlanta, go to a nearest government office and the marriage certificate that no risk of being deported and say in the government office in Atlanta you guidance on the procedures to follow.

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    He can apply for a visa to enter the US. Then you get married. Then you prove to ICE you can support him and apply for a Green Card.

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    Take your mexican loven *** to mexico and don't come back!!

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    He cannot marry you, he has no ss card

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