so does she like me or not?

So I have this friend, let's just call her J. Well J has a boyfriend, but she acts as if she's interested in me. There's a rainbow necklace I wear everyday, but its pretty discreet (the point is so that only people who are gay would notice) and one day I didn't wear it, and she was like "You're not wearing your rainbow necklace today Amy..." Also she holds my eye contact for a little longer than necessary. Another thing is that when I get in her personal space, instead of pulling away, she's comfortable with me being close. Sometimes when I look over at her in class, she's looking at me, and other times she's looking at her boyfriend. Also I recently broke up with a boy (he was my last attempt at being with a boy before I accepted I was lesbian, not bisexual) and like a week ago she pulled me away from everyone and started playing with my jacket in a flirty kinda way and she was like "Do you have feelings for someone?" and before I could answer another friend who knew I was gay came and pulled me away and told me she was trying to get me together with Brandon again. Today she took my hand and pulled me away and asked if I still liked Brandon.

I'm not sure if she likes me or not because sometimes she says rude things about people being homosexual. I don't want to ask her if she's bi because if I do, and she isn't, she might assume I like her and then I wouldn't be able to be flirty with her anymore.

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    Here's where you should stop "Well J has a boyfriend,"........ if she wants to start something with you then she needs to break up first. Otherwise, you'll end up being with a two-timer and what's to say that she won't leave you as well.

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