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what "surprise disneyland" hints could i give my friend?

when i say this i mean an actual object.

anyway, i'm taking my best friend to disneyland in january, but she doesn't know that we are going to disneyland. she knows we are going somewhere, just not disneyland.

i want to give her subtle hints. i came up with about ten, but most of them aren't good. i need hints that have to do with disneyland or walt disney or even disney movies, but so they actually kinda lead her off track

for example: one hint i will give her is a tuppence (british coin) because in mary poppins, they sing "feed the birds, tuppence a bag" and that was walt's favorite song.

also: a thimble, or for those who read peter pan, a "kiss." in peter pan wendy gives peter a thimble and tells him its a kiss. so, thimble has to do with peter pan.

thanks for help :)

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    Well quite frankly if you include Disneyland, Walt Disney World, and Disney Movies you could name just about anything and it would be related to at least one of those somehow. So you really need to work on the "throwing her off track" item.

    You could give her a Hostess Cake "sno ball", that would represent the snow on Matterhorn Mountain. But she may also think you are going to the real snow for something like skiing.

    You could give her things like canteens, flashlights, bug spray, that would represent Adventureland, but she may think you are going to go hiking or camping.

    Give her a matchbox car of something like a corvette or other sports car. That could represent Autopia and you could probably come up with a half-dozen things that "may" represent.

    Give her a "Map to the Stars Homes". That would represent the Hollywood Backlot area of CA Adventure(if you are going there), but she may think you are going to the real hollywood.

    Just be warned that if you do more than one or two "hints" she may pick up on it and piece it all together. But you could probably put together the Sno Ball, Car, and Map to make it seem like you are "Driving" to the "Mountains".

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    My dad and sister did this for my mum.

    It was Christmas day and we where eating Christmas lunch so we all had crackers. In my mums cracker they put a typed out riddle but it was something to do with Disney and in a clever way practically telling her she was going to Disney but she didn't get it. She throw the riddle on the floor because she didn't get a joke.Disney music was playing in the background. My dad walked over to the xmas tree and picked up a wrapped up present. She opened it and it was the tickets for the flight.

    Maybe you could use this to help you.

    Hoped I Helped :)

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    A seashell for The Little Mermaid

    A feather: It symbolized courage for dumbo :)

    a small globe for It's a Small World

    An apple for Snow White


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    a micky mouse hat or constantly turning the channel to disney..

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