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Whats a place where i can hire someone to draw my anime?

Like a place where i could hire someone ( not someone Expensive) to draw out my anime. i have scripts and people to voice it but with no picture there is no anime ( actually its drawn more like luckystar(so chibi). yea thanx.

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    Haha, really?

    Well, you could ask an actual anime studio, if you're lucky you might get something... Right now marvel comics is doing a deal with Madhouse to adapt some titles like Iron man. However, something tells me you don't have the money.

    How much are you willing to pay exactly? I used to have a great pic showing production costs of anime episodes; I think the cheapest was like 100k USD per episode...

    Anime tend to have around 12k unique frames, so they take a LOT of work. I think it's probably a bit out of your reach.

    Why don't you try doing simpler flash animation?

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    my sisters are great at drawing anime they go on a site called deviant art? you could try there

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