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birthday party activity ideas for 15 yr old girls?!?

im having a party TOMORROW and my idea just failed...

there will be 18 people and it's at my house.

so far we are just watching a movie, eating cake and pizza and opening presents. its 5 1/2 hours long


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    congratulations on your birthday from 15 year old boy

    you are having a birthday party tomorrow with 18 people...

    wow i envy you i have 1 friend but over to your party.

    here are some things you might kud do

    -play hide and seek (inside the house is fun but with 18 people its hard)

    -go outside and have a snow ball fight (i bet nobody has any good winter clodding with them)

    -play cards (ok with 18 is much but if you split in to 3 groups?)

    -play truth ore dare

    -turn on music and start dancing (i think that is boring)

    my favorites

    -hide the presents inside the living room and make you find them before opening them

    (just remember to set up some rules about were to hide them)

    -play murderer

    the game murderer is like this 1 man point ute 3 murderers every1 els is a sidesen except 4 the man how pointed ute the murderers he is the story teller.

    (the sidesens are not spouse to know who the murderers are)

    the story teller tels every1 to go to sleep thay lay dawn and clues there eyes.

    than the murderers wake up (story teller tels this)

    the murderer point ute a offer (only 1) and go back to sleep.

    the next morning the story teller tels them who is dead.

    than in order to find the murderer every1 except 4 dead people and the story teller woths 1 person to death in order to find the murderers.

    1s the person is executed he tels them if he/she was a sidesen ore a murderer.

    this repeats in till every sidesen ore all the murderers are dead.

    i hope you have a good time and sorry 4 my spelling.

  • 4 years ago

    Pool party? Back yard BBQ? Celebrity themed? Fancy dress... Could have a pajama party, meaning everyone go in pj's and have snacks, tell ghost stories, do stupid but funny party games, like dares, could give each other make-overs and do each others hairs, pick each other outfits to a fashion shoot in your bedroom/garden and so fourth... Hope this helps.

  • 1 decade ago

    Truth or dare! (LOVE that game lol) It makes the time go by and its fun

  • 1 decade ago

    how about the movies are date night?

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  • 1 decade ago

    dance contest! or just random crazy dancing to music XD

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    1 decade ago

    sneak out

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    talk about hot guys.

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