My son is over 14 months old and I really want to get rid of his bottle.

I have gotten rid of it in the day time and he is on whole milk. In the day, he only uses sippy cups. But at night time is when I have the real trouble. He will NOT lay down for nap time or bed time without his bottle. I have finally found a stuffed animal he likes to go to sleep with, but he still has to have his bottle. If he doesnt he will stand up in bed and just scream and scream. My doctor said I should just let him cry but is that the right thing to do? Also, he usually doesnt wake up at night. But he usually will wake up around 6am-7am and go back to sleep until 9am. What should I do about those times when he wakes up?

Please help! Any tips or advice would be great!

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    maybe you could reduce the amount you are giving him at night. you could take it down an ounce or two a week. if that doesn't work, maybe give him a little bedtime snack to help him not wake up so early. i never had a problem with my older 2, they just gave it up. i am getting ready to start the weaning for my 3rd.

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    I like you gave my daughter her sippy cup during the day and her bottle at night, I wasn't planning on taking her bottle away till she was 2 but she lost her last bottle a month before she turned 2 so I told her to look for her bottle and she couldn't find it so I told her no more bottle that it was gone and she didn't fuss about it. If your worry about teeth my daughter teeth or perfect.

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