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What does a sofa cost to make?

A furniture shop near here claims that the price of a sofa has been reduced from about GBP 2,000 to about GBP 650. I assume they're in business to sell sofas at a profit, and I noticed that the sofas they sell are imported from third world countries including Venezuela and China, so roughly how much does a sofa cost them?

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    The cost to manufacture a sofa is like many other items. It really depends on the materials used in the manufacturing process. Using "real" wood and heavy duty springs, along with quality "stuffing"

    ( padding ), that will last for years and isn't full of possible bugs, will cost more. A sofa using the cheapest of materials could be manufactured from $300 to $500, or a quality sofa would likely cost upwards of $1,000 to manufacture. These are costs to make the sofa. The price could nearly double by the time it was at the furniture store! There's an old saying..."You get exactly what you pay for"! It is very true!

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    Wellit really depends what sort of couch you want but my couch my boyfriend and I got from PLush and it cost 1300 but it is a black leather really nice one

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