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Do I have to see Tron(1982) to understand the new Tron:Legacy?

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    YES and i would suggest it heavily.

    In case you dont feel like it (and i really suggest you do) here is the story line of the original:

    Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) is one of the best computer programmers alive. He loves video games and builds them for a living. He works at ENCOM computer company. However 5 years ago (before the setting of the first movie), he got betrayed.

    After building 5 very high tech games, main one called "Space Paranoids", a competitor in Encom steals his files and then claims them for himself. He then discredits Flynn for trying to lie and forces his firiing while he becomes a manager.

    Now Flynn wants the files back, the other guy had built for ENCOM a major computer system called MCP or Master Control Program which seems to have AI (Artificial Intelligence) and in its world steals programs and puts them on a game grid.

    When Flynn and two friends attempt to break back into Encom to find the files, the MCP uses a digitizing machine to send Flynn into the Game Grid.

    Now stuck as a player in a computer world where death wont cost ya 25 cents more, Flynn teams up with TRON and RAM, a security program and a useless program (insurance program lol) to take on the MCP before it goes global.

    Now there is a game that just came out also that explains why LEGACY is taking place:

    Flynn for some reason (unexplained) is back in the computer world, and discovers his old program he created, CLU who he had used as a real person, to help him try to find the files 28 years before, is starting a civil war: a war between free programs and ISO programs for control.

    CLU has created a major virus in the computer and turns many ISO's into infected warriors.

    All that stands in the way of clu and total control of the computer is a System Administrator-Security program.

    The movie takes place after he is killed trying to stop Clu.

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    It hasn't come out yet, but from the looks of the trailers, yes, you would probably be better off seing the original 'Tron'.

    : )

    Source(s): By the way, it's an awesome movie. : )
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    dont worry man the movie doesnt say the 2nd one so its all good

    and some movies can be newer for the old movies like the A-team in then i think 1980's and theres a new one in 2010

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