How much hatred and racism is there in the Northeast part of the US towards Indian (India) people?

I am currently a 4th year college student in the deep south (Florida), in a relationship with a non-Indian girl and about to be a father soon. For my graduate studies my parents want me to go up North, I always wanted to go up north and my parents are moving up North too. I haven't faced any racism at all in my 8 years in the deep south. I have made Black, White, Asian, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, Native American and friends from mixed race backgrounds. Me being Indian was not an issue, in fact I was not even aware of it.

Recently a friend of mines told me that I can expect to face a lot of racism in the Northeast, New Jersey in particular for being an Indian person. My friend told me that people up North really hate South Asians and Middle Eastern people after 911 and they hate Indians a lot in particular.

I am not too sure of what's what but maybe you guys can help me. Perhaps someone who lives in the Northeast. How much racism is there against Indians?

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    Wait I don't get it they 'hate Indians after 911'? - what the hell have Indians got to do with 9/11? Most Indians are Hindus, and not even Indian Muslims had anything to do with 9/11 it was involving Arabs and Arab political situations not South Asian one's! If they do hate Indians they are just pricks because, Indians in general are good people who don't do anything wrong especially outside of India.

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    You are LESS likely to be discriminated against the farther north you go- the northeast in particular is known as a liberal and tolerant stronghold. You will find HUGE populations of Indian and other sub-continent Asians (see we even know the politically correct terms here) in the Northeast. In fact, there are such large communities that they often have groceries, restaurants, daycare... My sons have both attended a private school owned by an Indian teacher where of the 1200 kids from preschool to grade 8, 85% are either first or second generation Indian and almost all of the teachers are from India and speak Urdu, Panjabi and Bengali.

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    I live in the north east and i have to say, im not racist but i absolutely hate indians love the food, hate the people.

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    STFU techs and go back to stalking allir and Britney. You are Indian and no amount of Qs you ask on here will change that. Fatty Mcgee

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    Is your (imaginary) girlfriend a latina?

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