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why wont my computer run games on the highest quality when they are suppose to?

I tried running medieval 2 total war on the highest quality and it still laggs for me. my computer is brand new and it has 8 gigs of ram and ati radeon 5770 graphic card.

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    Maybe you should lower your resolution? Try the highest setting with lower resolution.

  • ignaz
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    ok extra often than not each and every thing seems stable. i could make those ameliorations if it have been me.... a million. bypass with 16gb of ram particularly of 8gb 2. you like huge overall performance, you like a stable state force on your OS and installation classes. You dont want 2TB, a million is lots. So drop all the way down to 1TB HDD and upload a SSD a minimum of 120GB(huge Plus) 3. think of roughly working the AMD Bulldozer particularly of I7. it is going to cut back your fee in 0.5, and nevertheless huge overall performance. Intel is alot like Apple, way OVERPRICED. 4. One word on your motherboard....ASUS....do it! Video card stable, psu stable, could wanna evaluate finished length tower, its gonna be cramped in there and you like room for the followers to do their pastime. Liquid cooling stable, surprisingly in case you overclocking. The bulldozer is unlocked so the sky's the cut back. Clock that infant up. So the money you saved switching from Intel to AMD, use that to enhance from 22" liquid crystal reveal to a 27" led. while you're a huge gamer, you will savor it.

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