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Is my penis growing at a fast pace?

ok i first measured at 12 and first saw improvements at 12 3/4. here's my length measurements

(fully erected and rounded to nearest .25 of a inch)

12:4.5 inches

12 3/4:4.75 inches

13:5 inches

13 1/2: 5.5 inches(after penis exercise for a month)

13 3/4:5.75

14: still 5.75

14 1 1/2 months:6 inches

14 2 1/2 months:6.25 inches

14 3 months:6.5 inches

14 4 months:6.75

14 5 months(now):7.25 inches

and my girth: was 4.5 until the penis exercise increased to 5.5(rounded)

is this a fast pace? all real answers please?


Rick-E i am not asking for attention i am asking for real is it growing at a fast pace and i know none cares. penis questions are asked at least 20 times a day dude.

Update 2:

Barcode: thank you for the answer! i like that.

Update 3:

Stace: other girls seem to think so in high school... just short.(thought i was 5'6 with shoes but 5.5 1/2 with shoes... i envy tll people but don't let others know)

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    Time to grow up bro. Thats TMI and no one cares.

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    You are growing at a 'reasonable' pace. How's that?

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    1 decade ago

    Yeah, sure.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    u cute?

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    call me . . ;D

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