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What do I NEED to know before getting a pet rat?

I really want a pet rat for X-mas and I saw my parents looking at petfinder.com, looking at the rats near by, so I am pretty sure I am getting one (or two). So, what do I NEED to know before I get one?

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    -they are social and should ALWAYS live in pairs or groups

    -they need larger cages due to activity level

    -they bond to their owners much like dogs do

    -They can learn their names, be litter trained, and be taught tricks

    -they need a healthy diet.. Pet stores do NOT typically carry good rat foods. Order Harlan teklad lab blocks and supplement with fresh veggies and a HOMEMADE mix if you want.

    Do your research. ALWAYS do your own research.

    You can get started here:http://www.dapper.com.au/

    Learn about diet, and get a good homemade mix here: http://www.ratsrule.com/diet.html

    I could probably write a book on information you should know about these wonderful little critters. But, I've provided some great links and basic info to get you started. I urge you to do your own research. During your life you'll probably have many pets, and its best to research them yourself before you get any of them.

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    -if you want a rat to be more "human like" buy one because if there is no other rats around it learns of humans or the nearest animal and starts to act like one

    -they are active

    -they pee a lot

    -they are quiet

    -they are beautiful pets

    -grow quickly

    -clean cage often

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