Fun family activities for the big island when it's raining?

My husband, two-year-old son, and I are on vacation on the big island and it's raining very hard! My son is taking a nap right now, so I'm trying to plan out what we'll do, this afternoon. We're near Waimea in the Kailua Kona area. This morning, we tried hanging out at the beach despite the rain, but my son kept saying, "Wet and windy! Inside!" He's usually pretty easy to please, but I guess he doesn't want to play in the rain. Any fun ideas for family activities?

Thanks very much!

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    1 decade ago
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    Go to nearest retail store and buy a board game. When I was a toddler, I enjoyed "Snakes & Ladders." When I outgrew it, I switched to card games, monopoly, and chess. Card games are more interesting if you include $$; use pennies, nickels, & dimes; and 10 cents is the absolute highest bet allowed.

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