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URGENT: I need immediate help to lose weight!!!!?

Hello, I am a 22 year old man. I am 5-foot-7, and I weigh 205 pounds. I was 155 pounds in late 2007. I ballooned throughout 2008, up to 190 pounds, then I got down to 180 in late 2009. But from New Years onward, my weight just skyrocketed. This is the heaviest I have ever been. Several clothes can't fit me anymore. I would love to lose 25 pounds by New Year's. I have slacked off badly with exercise, and I have developed a bad habit for junk food and sweets. Please, can somebody help me. I am desperate at this point.

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    Nobody can help you - but yourself! You just finished answering your own question!!

    You must make a commitment to YOURSELF to make improvements - or it aint gonna happen.

    Dump the junk food, fast food garbage & sugary sweet soda's.

    Get on a good, healthy, balanced diet, including plenty of boiled or steamed vegetables. Drink LOTS of water, fruit juices & fat free milk to help keep the traffic moving.

    Snack on lots of RAW fruit & veggies to help put fiber in your system.

    Get up one hour early EVERY morning & take a BRISK 30 minute walk - then - do the same thing again in the evening after dinner.

    (That's 7 more hours of exercise per week you are not currently getting.) Start doing push ups - sit ups - pull ups - skipping rope - bike riding - swimming - running - jogging - skateboarding - rollerblading - & go bowling.

    Get 8 hours sleep each nite. Avoid stress.

    NO CHEATING !!!!

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    Start walking on the treadmill.

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    work out

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