ERROR: "there seems to be an issue with the IP address your computer is using"?

All of the sudden, I can't log into 'GameDuell". Nothing has changed on my end, (that I know of) I can't get through to this company by email because my account is no longer recognized. They do not answer their phone or return my messages! What could cause this? do i need to reset something in my internet options?


no infringement that i can think of. I have no idea. What could I have done? I just play games.

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    1 decade ago
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    They have probably blocked your IP address for an infringement

  • 1 decade ago

    I agree, sounds like you've been blocked out. If they won't return your emails or answer the phone then you aren't left with many options. If your IP address has changed recently (it happens more often than you might think) then you may have inherited the IP address of an old trouble maker. You could contact your ISP and ask them how to go about getting a new ip address assigned to your modem.

    Source(s): VB.NET Programmer
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