rate or fix blackwing deck?









dark creator






2xbook of moon

cards for black feathers

allure of darkness

giant trunade

dark hole

monster reborn

black whirlwind

lightning vortex



2xicarus(dont have 3)

2xtrap stun

mirror force

torriential tribute

call of the haunted

extra deck-11

stardust dragon

red dragon archfiend

dark end dragon

armor master(trying to get 2)

black rose dragon

ancient fairy dragon

blackwing armed wing(trying to get 2)

flamvell uruquizas

gaia knight the force of the earth

x-saber wayne

that is my blackwing deck hope u can help.

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    8.5/10 A very solid black wing deck first i will state that on traps my opinion and preference is to run 2-3 d prisons and/or karma cuts i run 2 prison 2 karma cut. On the monsters i would advise running a Breeze instead of sangan or Dark creator as DAD is better than dark creator also could try running a dark grephyer to help vayu. As far as spells they look fine except to help with vayu i would consider using foolish. With your extra deck when you get the extra cash get brionic and Goyo as people with these do much better than people that don't at tournaments.

  • Jd
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    1 decade ago

    well you mostly know what you need to get...You could pop out red nova decently fast...Its not going to be often that you have only 5 darks in the grave and no monsters on the field, plus you already have 2 bliz and a mb and call of the haunted. If you really want to keep him in you could add a pot of avarice it would help with him and dad. You dont have anything to stop their spells or traps a dark bribe or two would help you out a bit. if you can get a hold of one you should put a brionac in. Id also recommend getting a third icarus attack.


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  • 1 decade ago

    i think you should take the sangan and plaguespreader

    because it si going to run slow

    take 1 mst out and add a smashing ground

    and add a swallows nest also add a dark bribe and starlight road

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