What has Obama done differently then Bush?

America is still the same to me, deep in debt, two wars, etc. Shouldn't Republicans be happy with him? He's just like the guy you (me included, Texas bias) voted for twice and the guy (McCain) (me definitely not included) you voted for in the last election except he's not senile.

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    absolutely nothing different






    tax cuts for the rich.

    everything is the SAME

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    You meant to write "than", not "then".

    Deep in debt like Bush, huh? Obama tripled the debt in less than 2 years what took Bush 8 years. That said, that's why conservatives were never fully satisfied with Bush (at times he acted like a liberal).

    As far as "two wars", you are wrong about that. Obama has three wars. His third is against economic prosperity and liberty and freedom in America.

  • ignaz
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    4 years ago

    A. you even have been given 0.5 your comments incorrect - no expansion on the patriot act, basically it replaced into decreased, even though it replaced into surpassed - accompanied Iraq thought that he had for years, and thought that Bush extensive-unfold as his very own whilst Obama's ballot numbers have been for the period of the roof... I say the guy THAT HAD the belief FIRST merits the credit... humorous how Bush did no longer have that concept in any respect earlier Obama replaced into polling so properly? - the afghan surge replaced into no longer something LIKE BUSH wanted to DO... it truly is A distinction... duh - tax cuts is real... as a compromise with cons... yet nevertheless real... first valid component - TARP and stimulus have been just about thoroughly distinctive... TARP went to banks with out oversight, stimulus went to many states and small companies and replaced into 40 p.c. tax cuts... just about no banks... B. whether we expect your comments are desirable, which they are no longer, it truly is purely 5 issues? 5 issues... it truly is all you are able to desire to locate? he's finished lots extra advantageous than 5 issues in workplace so i assume it is the extensive area of each and every thing ELSE HE DID which you probably did no longer point out THAT replaced into distinctive... LOL

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    At least Bush had big time business experience-he owned a baseball team. Obama has none and has to rely on his "staff" and boy do they suk. Timmyboy and bernie have been wrong about everything-like they wanted O'B to fail.


  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    We have more gun rights then we had with Bush due to Obama signing into law that we can carry loaded guns in national forest. And Obama went around the liberal congress to do it.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    He apologizes to scum bags and bows down to his muslim superiors as well as forcing a neo-marxist agenda upon the people.

    I did not vote for McCain, he is too liberal.

  • HOOK
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    1 decade ago

    Takes the term PISSED OFF To a new level

  • 1 decade ago

    Health insurance. I know do not have to pay for pep smear.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    He is essentially Bush, but that's no surprise.

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