Weirdly sprained ankle. Treatment?

Being idiots, my buddies and I were jumping off a chair and dunking at my gym. On one jump, the chair slip out from under me and I fell and sprained my ankle. But it didn't twist sideways like most sprains happened; it twisted forewords. If you were to picture it, take your hand and point it down on a flat surface so only the top of the middle finger touches. Then roll your hand over so it looks like your trying to touch the bottom of your arm. That's what my ankle did. The first day it was so painful that I couldn't even put weight on it. And then the next day, pain free, so I decided to go play some basketball again. When I came home, the ankle was just as painful, but it was more of an ache pain, like it was tired, and then the next day the swelling had increased. It's been a month now and I'm still pain free in the morning but after all the walking I do in the day, I come home with a tired and achy ankle.

So, my question is: do I continue with my regular day where I walk a lot, then ice the ankle when I get home, or do I take some time off and just stay in bed and off my ankle?

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    Hmm, this sounds like a pretty uncommon sprain, Wildcat. Although, it probably still affected both of the ligaments in your ankle, which is also why you're getting that swelling coming back..

    If the swelling still occurs, I would take a day or two off to really nurse it. Grab an ice pack, and apply it for 20 minutes, and then take it off for 20 minutes. you can repeat this process as much as you need to within these first two days..

    From there, it will be best to move into an actual rehab program, whether that's through a physical therapist, or at-home, it's vital to get that strength back, and keep the swelling down.. by improving the circulation to the injured area, you can help it heal faster..

    I've linked an at-home rehab program below, so you can check it out. Something simple, yet comprehensive generally works best. All the best, and good luck buddy!

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    the tendons are most likely ripped and you need to see a specialist

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