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Fellow writers: do your writings mean a lot to you?

It sounds like an obvious question, but recently I have been thinking about how the stories I write down have almost been a reflection of my emotions and I thought about how valuable my stories and poems are to me. How much do your writings mean to you?


You don't have to be so defensive and sarcastic. It was an innocent question. It sounds obvious but it was a current thought process of mine.

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    Of course my writing means a lot to me- its my everything. It explains myself and my problems without going straight out and telling the world... It is how I express myself. It is my favorite thing... all of my writing means so much to me, even the horrible writing or the unfinished ones- those especially mean a lot to me. They are my unfinished beauties. I hope that answered you innocent question! <3

    -Love Mellisa Hasbeen

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    The more time and thought I put into it, the more it means to me. I have a finished novella, to which I'm very emotionally attached. I realized after I wrote it that the main character is really me, which was hard to accept at first but now makes perfect sense. The novel I'm working on now is similar in that respect, but I'm still learning who the people are.

    That being said, I have a couple of 3-5 page short stories that I kind of just "churned out". Some of them meant a lot at the time, but now they kind of make me cringe. Others are decent, but I don't feel a lot of connection to the characters. Most of them were written in my last years in high school, so I guess I've just sort of outgrown them.

  • My Elemental Feliupus are like my second life. Sometimes my mind lives in their world, and I am always trying to figure out how to tell their story as best as I can. My characters have become my friends, and even my enemies. Their story means so much to me, I don't even know how to describe it. When I talk about them, it makes me really happy, and writing about them also makes me super happy (if not a little annoyed because I can't write it as perfectly as I see it in my mind). I talk about my feliupus as though they are real (and it gets me called a wackadoo :p). Sometimes it is like they are telling me their story and I have to record it and write it.

    That feels like I just threw a lot of sentences together....but yes, my Elemental Feliupus series means A LOT to me.

    As for my other stuff, nothing has lasted anywhere near as long and as in-depth, but most of my binder of story fragments are things that I was like what if? and then changed names and stuff, so they're based off my emotions and stuff. They're not very good (except the one I just started, and some fan-fictions) but they are close to me emotionally.


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    I care for them a lot - they represent a good amount of time and effort and emotion on my part - but they are not my babies. I learned fairly early on that I can't love my own work so much that I take criticism personally, or find myself unable send them off into the hands of editors who are likely to hold them hostage for months and then send them back saying they aren't good enough. I try to be at least as tough on them as editors will be. My stories are my creations, but they have to stand on their own, or they won't last. Tough love is sometimes the best for everyone.

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    I completely agree. I put my emotions, my insights, and my best ideas into everything I write and I would be devistated if it was some day just gone, I usually write in a notebook and then transfer it onto my computer when the notebook's full and just the other day I was wondering what would happen if I lost my notebook...eek scary thought!

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    Mine mean a lot to me, I have even kept the stories I have wrote when I was in kindergarten. And when I was in 3rd grade I wrote two write books and I wanted to turn them into a story but I let my friend borrow them, but then when I asked for them back she said that her mom threw them away. i was so depressed, because I spent so much time writing the book and drawing the pictures.

  • Most of them, yes. If you put emotion into it, and feel for characters (sort of like the readers hopefully should, or u like ur characters more) then your readers will understand your emotions, and maybe feel how you feel.

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    No they would mean nothing to me. I put my heart and soul to paper or word processing document and then just delete it.

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    My poems and stories are my babies. I invest so much time and energy into them.

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