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Vaginal taste? Guys or girls can answer?

Okay, my boyfriend WANTS to give mee head but never has before-- to me or anyone else. And I have no idea what I would taste like and if it would be bad. From your experiences what do they usually taste like? Do you like the taste ? Do you like doing it? Thank youu

1 Answer

  • As long as you take a shower everyday, you should be fine. All vaginas have a natural odor/taste to them. I've asked my boyfriend if he likes the taste etc, he LOVES to do it, and doesn't mind the taste at all. I mean obviously your boyfriend's not gonna wanna slather your juices on his sandwich, but as far as dealing with the taste during oral... there shouldn't be a problem. Some guys hate to go down on a girl, but most don't seem to have a problem.

    One of my friends went down on a girl with a yeast infection, now THAT vagina tasted nasty for sure. Like I said though, as long as you wash yourself, and don't have infections... you shouldn't taste horrid.

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