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How do you say this in Italian?

I was wondering if someone could help me with this. I'm trying to recreate a simple Italian recipe properly, so I believe I use the Imperative form. However translation sites don't seem to help since it translate each word literally.

First you crack open two eggs. Then you mix it inside a bowl, while adding American cheese. Then you pour the egg into a pan and scramble the eggs. Enjoy!

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    In primo luogo crepa aprite due uova. Allora la mescolate all'interno di una ciotola, mentre aggiungi il formaggio americano. Allora versate l'uovo in una vaschetta e rimescolate le uova. Goda di!

    You're welcome!


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    Per prima cosa rompete due uova. Poi le mescolate dentro una terrina, nel frattempo aggiungete del formaggio americano. Quindi versate le uova dentro una padella e le strapazzate. Buon divertimento!

    I'm Italian :)

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    scrambled eggs and american cheese is hardly an italian dish.

    are you possible thinking of a fritata?

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    babada boopi babado boopi?

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