How does Claudius become King instead of Hamlet?

I'm not sure how after King Hamlet's death Claudius is the one to become king instead of Hamlet Jr.

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    This question has been answered many times before on many discussion boards if you simply google the question you posted here.

    The most commonly agreed upon reasons are (in no particular order):

    A. Prince Hamlet was away at University during the time of his father's death

    B. The Danish elective monarchy of the time period allowed a King's brother to succeed him as part of the law (look up elective monarchy for more information on the subject).

    C. Prince Hamlet was not old enough to become King.

    D. The public wanted Claudius to be King (the governmental system was again, an elective monarchy, which means if the people wanted a certain king bad enough, they could ultimately have him)

    Another reason that you can't really use in an essay is because Prince Hamlet is an emotional kid who is suicidal, arguably insane, and is too busy getting it on with Ophelia.

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    I second the first person's answer, but I'll add that Hamlet may not have been old enough to become king. Shakespeare never really tells his age, but I presumed he was around 15 or 16, which may not have been considered old enough to be king. Gertrude may have been a regent, and Claudius became king through virtue of being married to her and by being the king's brother.

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    You are assuming that the old king Hamlet was king in himself rather than being king by virtue of his marriage to Gertrude. Perhaps she was the hereditary ruler and since she hadn't died her new husband became king. I don't know if this is supposed to be the case, but the English Primogeniture style is not the only style of succession there is.

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    claudius killed his brother to alter into king, married his spouse (maximum probable did no longer tell her that he killed her former husband), tried to kill hamlet while he found out that hamlet knew too plenty. makes use of hamlet's acquaintances to secret agent on him. isn't probable that honorable the two. he tells laertes to apply a poisoned sword and prepares poison drink purely in case hamlet is extra suitable. and while gertrude drank the poisoned cup, he became purely like 'oh no she died!' he did no longer quite bypass out of his thank you to offer up her or mourn approximately it ... exhibits how deep his love for her is. additionally for the duration of the prayer scene, he admits that he feels accountable approximately what he has carried out, yet is UNWILLING to ultimate his sins as a results of fact he values his crown + gertrude too plenty.

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