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What do you think of her? color info and conformation?

shes supposed to be a 5yr old pinto mare Palomino "not known pattern"

the vet said 3.5yrs old.

shes supposed to be kid safe.

i think shes a buckskin. thanks!

tovero? overo? tobiano?


Update 4:

shes not a show horse, you didn't need to be RUDE!

shes just for the kids maybe do some pleasure at the fair a couple of years.

we payed $450 for her and i think it was well worth it. just picked her up yesterday!

anything that could help her um conformation? thanks. i will try.

compared at the other horses we looked at she was the nicest disposition and best looking put together horse for up to $800. her height is around 13'2-14hhs tall.and perfect for a petite 9yr old girl for a long time and she has siblings that will be ridding

Update 5:

wouldn't she be considered buckskin because of her black/brown tail and black brown tipped ears? or no? thats what i thought dun factor meant. thanks guys! so a tovero huh? how can you tell?

Update 6:

from withers like the vet does.

how old would you guys say? 3yrs? 4yrs? 5yrs? younger like 2yrs? ive heard it all so the majority wins in the case.

Update 7:

WOW! i like how that little 18month one grew! i hope she looks good later on too.

she was already ridden as a bag of bones at 2yrs old-3yrs old so what can i do to prevent more damage and how much could a 9yr old 45-65lb girl ride her? shes acting green like she wont walk on command and you have to kick her awfully hard. so she will need training in that area. and she has no idea what i bit does as they just jumped on her and rode her around in a lead rope and halter and very over reactive stopping and kicking and turning. she looked too miserable to leave behind.

we ride around 2hrs or around 5-10 miles a day and wanted her to be able to keep up on this lass in the summer. this is normally at a walk.

she does like to trot and would like to canter one day. will all this be possible? we wont jump her or barrel her or any of that nonsense just road and trail ride all over. hoping to camp and just have fun. its her birthday tomorrow and she gets to see LUNA for the first time. =)

Update 8:

no no her breed is PAINT or PINTO. i know the has to be REG is its a PAINT but most dont know that.

i meant the color: buckskin PAINT/PINTO or a palomino PAINT/PINTO? and tobiano or tovero?

she has BLACK tipped ears and a BLACK tail no dorsal stripe! so which is she?

i thought palomino can only be golden and white no black points on them???

Update 9:

no no her breed is PAINT or PINTO. i know the has to be REG is its a PAINT but most dont know that.

i meant the color: buckskin PAINT/PINTO or a palomino PAINT/PINTO? and tobiano or tovero?

she has BLACK tipped ears and a BLACK tail no dorsal stripe! so which is she?

i thought palomino can only be golden and white no black points on them???

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    She looks dead sweet. she may not have the best conformation , but who cares! as long as she's healthy and you love her that's all that matters, personally i think shes adorable.

    and that fennec fox person is so horrible!! i don't thin she knows the meaning of nice. or even helpful and that's what this sites about. its helping people.. not criticizing people and putting them down :/

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    she is a hard one to pin a color on, the tail is dark which would suggest a buckskin, but her mane is light which would suggest a palomino. is her tail just really dirty? i had a palomino paint before, and his tail used to get very dark when it was dirty. so i would say you are on the right track with the color. she is white with spots, so she is a tovero.

    that horse looks like a good, kid friendly, starter horse. my first pony wasn't a world champion halter horse, but that doesn't mean he wasn't a good pony.

    she looks young, i would guess between 3-4 yrs old, and i would go with whatever the vet says, because he/she would be able to tell the best.

    she has a small chest, so any exercises that she can do to build it up, and build up her back. you can lift her back up by putting your fingertips under her belly, and pressing them up while moving them back and forth under her belly. lunging her with her collected will help build up her body.

    i would suggest taking both the horse and your daughter to a trainer for 1 month of training so they can learn how to work together, and so that they have a good foundation to build on.

    GOOD LUCK! what a great birthday present!!

  • She looks like a sweetheart, but sorry Hun, her conformation isn't all that great. She looks like a late 20 year old- not a three year old! She is pretty cute though. I like the pictures of her eyes.

    She definately needs to be looked at by an equine dentist for those teeth! She looks a bit parrot-mouthed to me. :-/

    I say, that if you don't plan on showing her, and if she has a nice attitude, she could be a good trail horse...but seeing that the angle of her pasterns are horrific, I don't think you should do any strenuous work with her.

    As for the coat colour... I think she is either a dun or buckskin. It's kind of hard to tell if she's a dun or not because I can't see a dorsal stripe. Also, she looks like a tobiano to me.

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    I would say to F.F. My opinion of you would be that you are a cold and uncaring person to write what you did!! Shame on you. I will never have an ounce of respect for anything you ever say.

    The filly is young and has a lot of world to grow in I am sure she will look much better when she matures and grows up, a lot of coming 4 year olds have higher hips.

    From her teeth I would say that her 4 year old teeth are in wear and that the corners are still the baby teeth which usualy are out at 4 1/2 and the new corners coming in. When the new corner teeth are in wear a horse is generaly 5 years old. Called a full mouth when all teeth are in wear.

    You will have problems with her eyes watering and flies bothering them because of the pink skin.

    I do hope you will be able to train her so well and so good that if you are ever in competition with F.F. that you will see her get the gate and you win the performance trophy.

    Train, Train Train. Everyday you ride have her learn more. Good Luck with her.

    Source(s): It is rude uncaring people who try to make themselves look better by putting someone else down.
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    Your horse has a lovely color! I think it might be a tovero pattern and maybe buckskin, but palomino isn't a bad guess either. Her hindquarters are quite high, so she looks a but awkward, but all in all she is cute. I wouldn't enter her in a conformation class, though. I can't help with teeth because I don't know anything about teeth. Lovely pony!

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    ahm, a picture would be a good start.

    Edit: good pictures - nice to see someone who understands about ageing through teeth and how to take a confirmation shot.

    Colouring I can't comment on as in England she'd just be a skewbald.

    Age wise I'd put her around 3 or so going from those teeth, definitely not more than 3 1/2 - the teeth at the edge which are smaller than the middle ones are her baby teeth and she'll loose those and get her adults at around 4 - 4 1/2. I would recommend having a dentist come out and check her teeth as they can have problems teething and should be checked every 6 months till they are six years old.

    Confirmation wise, she's cute but it's good you don't want to show her. Remember she's a baby and may well still grow some more. At the moment her butt is way bigger than her shoulders however young horses grown like that, their butts shoot up and they look horrendous, then their front end catches up and then they fill out. You won't know for definite what you've for for another year or two. For example this is my sister's gelding at 11 months when we got him. at 18 months and as a 3 year old

    Somewhere I have a photo of him when he arrived and he looked dreadful - he was a typical gawky youngster and they can surprise you as they mature.

    The shoulders decent enough - it's got a nice slope on it, it's not too straight which is usually uncomfortable.

    She's got pretty long pasterns so I wouldn't jump her too much as they will be a bit weaker than shorter pasterns.

    From the belly I'd say there's a good chance she's got a pretty good worm burden so I'd give her a 5 day course of wormer to clear them out - keep an eye on her in case she colic's tho.

    Her hind legs are kinda straight so she may develop arthritis or bone spavin's when older, but again don't ask for strenuous activity like lots of jumping or collection and this will be less likely.

    She has fairly prominent withers so make sure her saddle is carefully fitted to protect them.

    Over all she's got a cute face and I've seen worse :-) She makes me think she's only a 2 year old from her body although her teeth put her at around 3 or so. I wouldn't be surprised if she grows a fair bit, especially if you get her on a good diet as her growth previously may have been delayed due to poor nutrition. I would be inclined not to ride her at all for at least a year, if you must then only very light work and short bits, like 5 - 10 minutes. She looks like she has more growing to do and she'll last much longer and stay sounder if she's given some time to do that growing.

    Be aware she's only a baby, so even if she's described as kid safe take it with a pinch of salt as no 3 year old is completely kid safe.

    I'd say closer on the 13'2 than anything else but again she may well grow a little more.

    For what you paid for her she's a decent enough horse, won't win any confirmation classes or do higher level comps but for a kids pony to mess around with temperament is more important than anything else.

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    Color... palomino paint. For just a kids horse, not bad. Start some sort of workout regiment with her. She'll look much better once she's legged up a bit, and ditches the hay belly. I would also recommend calling a farrier. Hard to tell from the ground she's standing in, but looks to need a bit of correcting, which can be done just by trimming her feet right.

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    Wow, she has beautiful color and eyes! I am partial to overos/toveros though, lol. She is definitely a tovero. She looks like she's a buckskin, but in one of the pictures it looked like she had a reddish tint to her tail. Which kinda makes me think that she may have some champagne genes in there somewhere. She's definitely not a Palomino. :)

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    When you say that she's 13.2hh-14hh do you mean at the withers or at croup?? She is incredibly downhill built- I just hope that she hasn't finished growing and that she will grow into herself although no horse/pony I've ever known or seen has been that bum high at 3.5yrs. I'm just not going to comment on her conformation because let's just say it is not that good. I'm surprised that you paid $450, in this climate and for her conformation. If she stays that downhill built it will be difficult for a kid to ride her because it will be so difficult and uncomfortable to ride her. She may well have the best temperament in the world but with conformation like that it's going to be difficult to do much with her.

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    a buckskin? no buskin isnt a breed its a color and it looks like this

    lol but i love her color

    and Fennec Fox that shows that you are not a true horse lover with your rude comments like she said its for her kids give her a break its not like shes competing the horse in jumping or something the horse is fine she might not have the best conformation but i was told a good point about that look at sea biscuit he had awful conformation but yet was a great racer.

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