ratio question urgent please help?

if we share £128 between 3 people in the ratio of 1:2:5 what is the largest amount any one receives can yanyone show me the steps please

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  • 1 decade ago
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    With this kind of problem it is easiest to call the 1 "x".

    x + 2x + 5x = 128, because the money is being divided between those three people in those amounts.

    So now combine:

    x + 2x = 3x.

    3x +5x = 8x

    8x = 128. So now you divide 128 by 8. You end up getting 16. This means that x by itself (or the person who gets the ratio of 1) is equal to 16. But we know that the person with the highest amount of money received 5 times that. Therefore, you want to multiply 16 by 5 and you end up getting 80.

    Therefore the person who receives the most money receives £80.

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