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what is a safe home remedy that i can give my 6 month old baby?

tried everything and nothing seems to be working


sorry lol she has a real bad cough

Update 2:

and shes teething the doc sai it can maake it worse which sux and think it has but no matter wat i do nuttin seems ti make it better

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    my sons pediatrician said some diluted herbal tea is fine. its natural and helps some at least. my son doesnt get so congested at night then. i use plain chamomile or try a sleepy time. it wont make a huge difference, but its soothing and relaxing. a vaporizer helps too, and a warm vapor bath.

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    vicks baby rub works well, a vaporizer, especially if you get the eucalyptis inserts, or you could close up your bathroom door and turn the shower on hot and just have the baby in the steam to losen up any chest congestion. patting her firmly on the back constantly helps the flegm not deposit in the lungs. If she will take water or other clear liquids, give them to her to help, but nothing too cold.

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    What is wrong with your baby? just fussy? maybe gas? maybe teething? i can't give you a home remedy if we don't know whats wrong lol......

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    Home remedy for what?

    constipation? cold? flu?

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