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if i live with my uncle that has aids what can i do to be save?

i need help

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    Hi YES these days HIV can be contained with drugs as long u adhere to strict medication regimes read below ciao ♥

    Human immunodeficiency virus, or HIV, is the virus that causes acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS). The virus weakens a person's ability to fight infections and cancer. People with HIV are said to have AIDS when they develop certain infections or cancers or when their CD4 count is less than 200. CD4 count is determined by a blood test in a doctor's office.

    Having HIV does not always mean that you have AIDS. It can take many years for people with the virus to develop AIDS. HIV and AIDS cannot be cured. Although people with AIDS will likely one day die from an AIDS-related illness, there are ways to help people stay healthy and live longer.

    HIV attacks and destroys a type of white blood cell called a CD4 cell. This cell's main function is to fight disease. When a person's CD4 cell count gets low, they are more susceptible to illnesses.

    AIDS is the final stage of HIV infection. When the immune system CD4 cells drop to a very low level, a person's ability to fight infection is lost. In addition, there are several conditions that occur in people with HIV infection with this degree of immune system failure -- these are called AIDS-defining illnesses

    A person gets HIV when an infected person's body fluids (blood, semen, fluids from the vagina or breast milk) enter his or her bloodstream. The virus can enter the blood through linings in the mouth, anus, or sex organs (the penis and vagina), or through broken skin.

    Both men and women can spread HIV. A person with HIV can feel okay and still give the virus to others. Pregnant women with HIV also can give the virus to their babies.

    Common ways people get HIV:

    Sharing a needle to take drugs.

    Having unprotected sex with an infected person.

    You cannot get HIV from:

    Touching or hugging someone who has HIV/AIDS.

    Public bathrooms or swimming pools.

    Sharing cups, utensils, or telephones with someone who has HIV/AIDS.

    Bug bites.

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    AIDS is caused by the HIV virus. AIDS can be transmitted several ways. It can be transmitted through sexual contact, transmission in pregnancy. (Meaning the pregnant woman's boyfriend/husband has to be sexually active with either a male or female who has the HIV virus.) Exposure to blood or blood products. (Meaning don't take a blood donation from your uncle.) Or needles, so don't be doing drugs with him. HIV is not transmitted by handshakes or other casual non-sexual contact, coughing or sneezing, or by bloodsucking insects such as mosquitoes. So you should be safe with living with your uncle.

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    Well, you shouldn't have unprotected sex with him, and if you're both drug abusers, you shouldn't share works.

    Otherwise, you're perfectly safe.

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