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Need help with 7th Grade History Question?!? Best Answer gets 10 points?!?

Who spent time living among the Cherokee tribe and worked under President Andrew Jackson constructing treaties with the Native Americans?

Question 25 answers

Stephen Austin

Sam Houston

James Tyler

none of the above

Question 26 text Question 26 1 points Save

_______ stated "Remember the Alamo."

Question 26 answers

William Bowie

Stephen Austin

Santa Anna

The Texas soldiers

Question 27 text Question 27 1 points Save

_______ prospered because of the attention given by the Spanish.

Question 27 answers


Sugar plantations

Gold mining

New Mexico

Question 28 text Question 28 1 points Save

Who served as military governor of Mexico City?

Question 28 answers

General Winfield Scott

General Stephen Kearny

General Dwight D. Eisenhower

none of the above

Question 29 text Question 29 1 points Save

Who launched the Bear Flag Revolt?

Question 29 answers

Jason Lee

Brigham Young

Joseph Smith

William B. Ide

Question 30 text Question 30 1 points Save

_______ provided incentive for settlers to live in Texas.

Question 30 answers

The Mexican Colonization Law

The Treaty of Cordoba

The Warsaw Act

The Treaty of Ghent

Question 31 text Question 31 1 points Save

Which of the following is a term that refers to American fur traders during the 1800s?

Question 31 answers




mountain men

Question 32 text Question 32 1 points Save

Which of the following refers to the belief that the United States would inevitably expand westward to the Pacific Coast?

Question 32 answers




manifest destiny

Question 33 text Question 33 1 points Save

Who was a lawyer who commanded the Republic of Texas forces at the Battle of the Alamo?

Question 33 answers

William Travis

David Wilmot

General Stephen Kearny

Jason Lee

Question 34 text Question 34 1 points Save

The _______ officially granted Mexico independence from Spain in 1821.

Question 34 answers

Treaty of Cordoba

Wilmot Proviso

Gadsden Purchase

Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo

Question 35 text Question 35 1 points Save

Where was the site of the final battle in the war for Texas's independence?

Question 35 answers

San Antonio, Texas

Sonoma, California

San Jacinto, Texas


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    25: None of the above

    26: Texas soldiers

    27: Gold mining

    28: Kerny

    29: It was John C Fremont, idk why you don't have that as an answer

    30: Mexican Colonization Law

    31: Mountain men

    32: Manifest Destiny

    33: David Wilmont

    34: Gadsden Purchase

    35: Broomtowns

    Not positive on 35, 33, or 28

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    question 1 depends how liberal your teacher is, my teacher would say that only stronger nations would acquire weaker nations would be the answer question 2 again i guess ur teacher is kinda liberal, i would argue that america never had true imperialism because we just gave the places their independence, or we didn't "take them over" so to say because we let them have all of their resources. If the question is about japan, i would go with the first answer question 4 cuba im to lazy to do any more but looking back at how your teacher thinks America participated in imperialism, i would guess that my answers except for question 4

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    Here is help with one question. You have to do your own homework.

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    you mean broken treaties??

    do you own quiz.

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