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I am claiming partial unemployment in New Jersey will i recieve retro?

I tryed to claim full time un-employment in jan. of 2010 when i resigned from my job to attened school to get a medical certification and got denied and that i had to work 4-6 weeks or make $1300 and then i could claim partial un-employment. In july of 2010 i started to work part time again and reached my 4-6 weeks and $1300 by september. But i was un able to get a hold of the un-employment office till November. just wondering if i will get my retro pay back to september.. thank you

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    you can reclaim unemployment

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    The answer is YES..

    According to new jersey's UI code:

    (b) Each claimant may reopen his or her claim any time during the 52-week period after first filing a claim, by reporting by telephone or via an Internet application to a Reemployment Call Center or as the Division may otherwise prescribe. The effective date of a reopened claim for benefits is the Sunday of the week in which the claimant first reports to the Reemployment Call Center to claim benefits.

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