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What do you think of Darius Rucker?

I think he's awesome, but I was just curious on your opinions...

I'm not saying he's the best though, I'm just wondering. (:


I knoww (: and I l LOVE those songs too!

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    i love him and come back song! it was the first song of his i heard and its my favourite

  • Elle
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    I heard his first song and didn't even realize who it was even though I'd heard the voice before. He plays some good music, definitely. And I love how, even though he's already an established artist in general, he didn't come in expecting to be an overnight star.

    To the person who said he's faking the "twang" : Darius Rucker is from South Carolina so he's definitely not faking it.

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    he is pretty awesome. he is also used to be in a rock band called hootie and the blowfish. it was originally discovered by darius in 1986. in 2008 the band split so rucker could perform his solo country career.

    i love mostly of of his solo songs:

    "Don't Think I Don't Think About It" (2008)

    "It Won't Be Like This for Long" (2009)

    "Alright" (2009)

    "Come Back Song" (2010)

    Source(s): my mind: i love darius rucker..... he is so awesome.... and if you look at some of his interviews he has really funny jokes most of the time
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    If "Pop Music" was still "popular", Hootie and the Blowfish would still be his main job. The guy has to make a living, though.

    The same goes for Kid Rock, Uncle Cracker, Bon Jovi and others that ventured into Country music recently. They know Country fans go to concerts and buy CD's (still).

    There is no "Pop Music". There is Rap and Country. The rest is fragmented and with a few exceptions, like Lady Gaga, John Mayer......there isn't much of a Pop Music fanbase out there.

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    He has always been awesome. I grew up listening to him when he was the lead singer for Hootie and the Blowfish and now every song he puts out becomes an instant hit.

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    he is a good singer

    although, since he's gone country he has more twang than he did when he was w/hootie.

    don't fake the twang darius

  • Anonymous
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    Love him and everyone of his songs!!!

  • Pig
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    1 decade ago


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