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Sad heart broken songs, please help !!?

I can relate to that song by the situation im going through right now. :'(

What are some sad heart broken songs like that ?



I can relate to Jessica Simpson when you told me you loved me...

But any songs that can make me just poor my heart out and cry to get everything out helps.

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    I bruise easily-natasha betingfield :( this song always makes me cry when i feel down

    Not like the movies-katy perry

    Im still breathing-Katy Perry

    When a heart breaks-Ben Rector

    Fix You-Coldplay


    I dont love you-My chemical romance

    Best i ever had-Veritical Horizon

    Hero- Regina Spektor

    Happily Never After-Pussycat Dolls

    All good things come to a end- Nelly Furtado

    Nothing lasts forever-Maroon 5

    Im over it- Katherine McPhey.. or whatever it is >.<

    Im gonna find another you-John Mayer

    Forever Love- Anna Nalick

    I love all these songs they always make mee feel better when i am sad and down.. I just cry it all out.

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    You didn't leave any genre or anything so I hope these helps...

    Someone's Missing- MGMT

    The Running Free- Coheed and Cambria

    Don't Cry- Guns N Roses

    I Don't Love You- MCR

    The Good Left Undone- Rise Against

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    relies upon on precisely what your finding for yet heres some: decrease back to black by ability of amy winehouse hush by ability of computerized loveletter the day beforehand of this by ability of the beatles my heart by ability of paramore darkish blue by ability of jacks form slow dancing in a burning room by ability of john mayer dreaming with a broken heart by ability of john mayer something secondhand serenade and intense priced juliet right here comes so long by ability of rascal flatts

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    Jim Croce - Dreamin' Again

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    Jim Croce - Time In A Bottle

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    (Jim died much too early in a plane crash)

    Sting - Fields of Gold

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