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how many baby bettas will survive while breeding?

i am breading bettas and i was wondering the avarage amount of fish that will survive


they have already breed and i have removed the female and the fry should hatch any day now i was just wondring how many bettas im going to be dealing with

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    Don't count your betta before they are hatched ;) ! Getting the fish to breed is the easiest part, survival of the fry is more difficult.

    Expect 0 to 500 fry to survive! (They can lay up to about 600 eggs in a spawn). So you might get none, and if everything is perfect you might have 500 so better plan on how to house them. I would not expect anything close to 500 on your fish's and your first try, maybe 100 if you are lucky but there is always the possibly of more. Experienced breeders often have surviving clutches of 400 or more!

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    Unfortunately breeding the Betta is not as easy as some people think. If you get a large spawning, which is not likely the first time, expect to lose around 50% of the ones that hatch. During the first month expect to lose more. Unless everything is done correctly the outcome could be maybe 5 will survive. The water has to be right along with the temp of the water. The sponge filter has to be added to the tank along with the heater and live plants. Make sure you already have the food the fry are going to eat. If you use cultures they take 2 weeks to grow.

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    Breeding betta fish should really only be done by experts, because there are possible complications, and its not as simple as putting a male and female beta together. research on it, if you do it right, they will all survive, but i really don't think you should unless your really dedicated and have time on your hands.

    Hope i helped! -JOZEE

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