I need some help with a girl!?

I'm a junior in high school. I'm having a bit of a problem deciding on what I should do about this one girl. See, she's my ex girlfriend, right? Well, I broke up with her in September this year because she was cheating on me with her ex. The thing is, I broke up with her more because I wanted her to just be happy with him, and that I didn't want her to be with me if she wasn't happy. But now it looks like he doesn't want anything to do with her (he's the kind of guy that uses girlfriends for sex.), and she's been depressed on and off. We're still really good friends, and she even defends me whenever somebody tries to trash talk me, and we walk together in the halls and talk and even hug all the time. I still definitely really like her a lot, and I asked her a while back if she would ever want to go back to me. She said that she wanted to be single for a while, maybe like 6 months (this was about 2 1/2 to 3 months ago), and that she doesn't really know what she'll do. Of course, I'll let her stay single as long as she wants, but it seems like I can't get over her no matter how hard I try, and I'm constantly fighting the urge to just straight up ask her out. I guess I kind of have two questions. One, is it at all possible that she feels the same about me as I do her? And two, what should I do? I mean, I know I should wait and give her all the time she needs to be single, but should I just be a regular friend or should I be more involved with her life and try to get her to fall for me again? Or should I just try to let her go and just stay friends?

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    In my opinion I think you should just be friends. To be honest, how are you so calm when she cheated on you with her ex? I'd be furious. I think that she'd probably end up cheating on you again man, and it's better to find someone who loves you enough not to hurt you like that.

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    1 decade ago

    Let her go. If she can't see that you're amazing, then she isn't worth it anyways.

    That's a classic no, the I wanna be single and give you a time frame thing.

    I know it's hard to get over her, but in time you'll find there's plenty more girls around.

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