How can I be adopted by a new Mary Kay Sales Director?

Is it possible to be adopted by a new Sales Director so I will not have to deal with my old one anymore? I do not want to deal with my recruiter anymore either. I never really felt comfortable around them..I have just stopped going to there meetings just to not be around them, I also ignore there calls and texts unless it is important. They just are not helping me out with anything, I just want to have a good business relationship and to be able to get the proper guidance I need, which I am not getting from them. Ever since I signed up it just feels like they are trying to get money from me...but luckily I have a friend who just signed up with Mary Kay and I have been speaking with her and everyone in her Unit about my situation and my friend says she would be happy to help! She says I just pretty much ignore my old sales director and recruiter and they should eventually get the hint that I do not want to deal with them anymore...but to me it just seems like there would be more to it to be adopted by a new director. But one of my problems is that after a month of signing up, I finally got to have my first mary kay party and I sold some stuff, however..the host decided she wants to sell mary kay, and after telling her my situation with my sales director, now i have to get her adopted by someone new too because i don't want her to go through the same thing i did. How do I do this? Also, at the party, the girls paid for there products with credit cards..and of course..a month later my sales director FINALLY is able to walk me through the steps to getting the money i made, which involves paying for a credit card which I am not doing..would it be ok to ask the girls to pay cash even though I already wrote down there info. from when they paid with there credit cards? Should I destroy the slips of paper which have there orders and the info. from when they paid? Also, I do NOT want to give up selling Mary Kay makeup just because I somehow ended up with a lousy sales director and recruiter, I paid a lot of money to do this (i didn't get the HIGHEST inventory, but it was still a lot...) so I AM NOT GIVING UP!!!

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    Yes, you can be adopted by another sales director, but you will still be in your original directors unit. I understand how you feel! I started my Mary Kay business 7 years ago. My director was fabulous and my recruiter was great! After 5 years my recruiter became a director and everything changed. She was only interested in how to make her check bigger and not about moving us up. She said things all the time that upset/offended me and some other members of my team. My team members were threatening to quit, so I decided the only way to truly protect my team was to become a director myself. I started attending meetings with an adopted director who was amazing! I worked my but off for 4 months but I did it! As of September, I'm now a Sales Director no thanks to my now Senior Director, but mostly thanks to my Adopted Sales Director. Being a director has been a dream of mine for a long time but having a terrible sales director gave me the motivation I needed to do the work to be a director! I'm so glad I did! I love being a director!!

    You can attend meetings with another director if you want to email me a couple of zip codes in your area I can give you the name of some directors in your area if you don't already know one. You can email me at

    The only other option you have is to sit out for a year and then sign up under another consultant.

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    I finished up Directorship in August and am a brand new Sales Director as of September first!!! In the USA here is what we have to do. Be a Star Consultant Get 10 people active and submit a DIQ card (DIQ is 1 to 4 months) Build to 24 active consultants during DIQ You must have minimum $4,000 wholesale production a month during DIQ (if you miss you have to start again) You need to do $18,000 wholesale production total to finish DIQ You need 10 people to have cumulative $600 wholesale during DIQ the other 14 can just be active with $200 wholesale. I hope that helps!!

  • yeah, I need help to b/c my director only runs with people that order. I am trying so hard, to build my business but if my people arent ordering inventory, she not messing with them. I started my business in May, I have 2 consultants under me and I really dont know what to do b/c both of them are in another city. So we all doing online parties (that arent successful) and exchanging information. I attend just about everything but you can feel the difference when you see the ones that are working their business, they get more help.

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    I just had a falling out so to speak with my director and she says she is no longer willing to coach me. This comes almost immediately after my business took a nose dive due to my working so many hours at my day job. I do not want to bad mouth her but am hurt by the whole thing and do not want to run into her or the other members of our circle at company events. Any suggestions?

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