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Can I charge my iPod 4g with an iPhone charger or would the iPod battery get messed up ?

I'm at my friends house nd left my charger at home he has an iPod 3G model nd my iPods the 4 generation so can I use his iPhone charger....he said nothing would happen but I'm jus too protective cause I jus got my iPod :D

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    All the iDevice chargers are the EXACT same things. they don't differ at all. so its like charging your iPhone on your mom's iPhone charger. Same thing; no difference. So, yeah, it's all good :)

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    Nothing bad should happen. My friend charged her iPhone on my iPod touch 3rd gen. charger once and nothing went wrong. All it is is an energy transfer. As long as the plug into the device fits, it should work. Hope this helps!!!

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    yes this will work because the iPhone has the same charger hole thing as the iPod does.

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