Is all this stuff on my computer important or can I unistall it?

I would like to free up space on my acer laptop and I don't know what some of the stuff on my computer is for and if it would hurt to delete it off my computer.. Can anyone tell me if the following is important and what its for?

acer assist

acer ePower management

acer VCM

adobe AIR

adobe reader 9.1 MUI

atheros communications inc.

compatibility pack for the 2007 office system

eSobi v2

google toolbar for internet explorer

intel graphics media accelerator driver

intel matrix storage manager

microsoft siverlight

realtek high definition audio driver

realtek USB 2.0 card reader


windows live sync

windows live sign in assistant

windows live upload tool

I mainly use my computer to get information off the internet, facebook, play games online, music but I don't download them to my computer.... Thanks again...


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  • 1 decade ago
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    Some on your list need to be there, some are great tools to have.

    There are two that I would get rid of, google tool bar and microsoft silverlight.

    Just personal choices. And neither one takes up that much disk space.


  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Most of that stuff is useful, so I wouldn't recommend uninstalling it. I definitely would not uninstall anything with atheros, realtek, or intel in it's name. If you do, your computer won't work.

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