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What is wrong with me?

I am 13. I have suffered from panic attacks for a few years now. I have also self harmed. I also suffer from depression. I just wanted to know, that I have strange feelings, they aren't normal. I have break downs whenever people shout at me, I feel like everybody is against me, like there is no where else to turn. But I get these feelings where I can't talk to anybody. Like I am going mad. I get happy one moment, then the next I am just moody and depressed. This has happened a few times. I also can never sleep, I'm never tired, but I don't know what is wrong. I need a really good answer relating to my question. Please.

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    From what I'm hearing you may be bipolar, and have a case of insomnia and your depression may be causing this. You also mentioned you are 13 and it may just be part of growing up. Mood swings and mild depression are usually normal when someone is entering adolescence. If you are really concerned consult your local doctor, because they have the solution, more than likely.

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