Poll: The Epic 'What is your favorite'? (list in details)?



TV Show





Type of Person

Restaurant or Fast Food


Christmas Song



Video Game

Video Game Console

US State (if from US)


US President

Political Party




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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Food-Peperoni Pizza

    Movie- Troy

    Tv Show- Two And a Half Man

    Song- Crazy Train Ozzy Osbourn

    Band/Singer- Nirvana/Kurt Cobain

    Website-Facebook? 4 chan, idk


    Type Of Person-Not sure

    Restaurant Or Fast Food- Mc Donalds probably or the local chippers

    Habit- Dont know....

    Christmas Song-Some Day at christmas, by, Michael Jackson


    Store-Game Stop Or Tesco <3

    Video Game- Elder Scrolls Oblivion Or WoW

    Console- Xbox 360

    Us State- Not From Us :D

    Country- Ireland Since i live there lol

    Us President- Barrack :)

    Political Party- Dont care for politics

    Month-December Or January


    Year- Dunno Can Barley remeber past years

  • 1 decade ago

    I love these. They're so fun.

    Food- ribs

    Movie- The Blind Side

    TV Show- iCarly or MTV's Teen Cribs

    Song- Can't Be Tamed or I Can Do Whatever I'm White

    Band/Singer- The Black Eyed Peas and Ke$ha

    Website- prezi.com and Y!A

    Drink- Strawberries and cream frappuchino from Starbucks

    Type of Person- nice and funny (?)

    Restaurant or Fast Food- Famous Dave's and Culver's

    Habit- ?

    Christmas Song- Jingle Bell Rock

    Holiday- Christmas

    Store- Scheels

    Video Game- Guitar Hero and Carnival Games

    Video Game Console- Wii

    US State (if from US)- Maine

    Country- Canada

    US President- George W. Bush

    Political Party- Republic

    Month- March

    Day- 7-7

    Year- 2016

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Food Steak

    Movie Inception

    TV Show Either 90210 or Grey's Anatomy

    Song Kids - Sleigh Bells

    Band/Singer - Jack Johnson

    Website - facebook and y!a

    Drink - milk, sparkling cier

    Type of Person - hot guy ;)

    Restaurant or Fast Food restaurant

    Habit no idea.

    Christmas Song all i want for christmas is you,

    Holiday christmas

    Store jcrew

    Video Game - mario kart

    Video Game Console - wii

    US State (if from US) - MA represent!

    Country - europe

    US President - obama

    Political Party - democrat

    Month - anything from june to august

    Day friday.

    Year 2008

  • 1 decade ago

    Food- it changes

    Movie- Howl's Moving Castle

    TV Show- Teen Titans!

    Song- Teen Titans theme

    Band/Singer- Avril Lavigne

    Website- Funnyjunk.com

    Drink- Root beer

    Type of Person- the quiet, mature ones

    Restaurant or Fast Food- Burger King!

    Habit- Quoting movies and tv shows

    Christmas Song- We Three Kings

    Holiday- Christmas

    Store- Hot Topic

    Video Game- The Sims 3

    Video Game Console- Wii

    US State (if from US)- Arizona

    Country- Japan

    US President- Lincoln

    Political Party- I hate everything about politics

    Month- June

    Day- Saturday

    Year- dunno

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    How in the heck am i able to %. only one? ok 1Live unfastened or Die no longer person-friendly 2Tombraider 3Pirates of the Carribean That replace into relatively harrrrrrrd! I additionally like the Patriot, The final Samurai, Gladiator, Die no longer person-friendly 3, Mr. and Mr. Smith, walk the line, Transformers,massive, interior guy,remember the Titans and wedding ceremony Crashers! Oh and those 3 up there are not so as. i admire them with regard to a similar. massive is kinda sharing a gap with stay unfastened or Die no longer person-friendly...

  • 1 decade ago


    Movie--Sorcerer's Aprentice

    TV Show--Victorious

    Song--The Time (Dirty Bit)-Black Eyed Peas

    Band/Singer--Black Eyed Peas



    Type of Person--Nice/Hot

    Restaurant or Fast Food--I don't eat at chain restaurants, so nothing youd've heard of.

    Habit--Playing Mabinogi

    Christmas Song--Ugh, I can't stand christmas music! Gets on my nerves

    Holiday--My Birthday (It's during the summer. HOLIDAY! Teehee)


    Video Game--Guitar Hero

    Video Game Console--Wiiiiiii :3

    US State (if from US)--California (my home state)

    Country--Anywhere in Europe

    US President--Obama[nation] xD xD

    Political Party-- As long as the person is good, I'll vote for em.

    Month-- December

    Day-- 25

    Year--2012 (hehe)

  • 1 decade ago

    ramen noodles

    fight club


    smells like teen spirit



    monster energy

    laidback and funny

    burger king


    silent night



    call of duty series

    xbox 360



    william howard taft




    13.6 billion BC

    Source(s): oh and SOMEONE IN YOUR AREA if ur reffering to doomsday its december 21 2012 not christmas 2012
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