when my mom yells at me i start going crazy?

she yells at me to do something simple but i freak-out into tears and i go mental, i pull my hair. in anger and pain because my head starts to hurt, i get horrifying thoughts like, i wish she were dead, then i get suicidal thoughts about myself. I will stop crying for five minutes then start back up again in the slightest bit of the thought of anger. i scream and have a temptation to break things incite. i have a sudden want for an over dosage of pills to make my self tired so i am immune to pain.

while my mom screams at me to stop my nonsense, and says i am acting out, i blurt out things to get her to stop, when she constantly says i am crazy, i myself cover my ears so i cant hear her.

and sometimes the only way to get me to calm down is either write hateful thoughts down in a diary or give my mom a hug. i am very emotional because of my past with my moms abusive boyfriend so crying and worrying was part of the daily plan, i sometimes watched my mom have mental break downs too. please tell me whats wrong with me, because i think i am mentally insane.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    It seem that your stuffing your feelings which in turn comes out in anger. You need to calmly talk with your mom and see a doctor and counselor to talk about the possible post traumatic syndrome from her boyfriend.

    I know of a online support group that can support and pray for you. Many people just like you who went through or are going through what your feeling. I do hope to see you there.

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    4 years ago

    There must be any sort of motives for this habit. it must be medicine section outcomes, a unexpected time of severe rigidity inclusive of dropping a job, a monetary difficulty inclusive of drawing close foreclosures on your place. it rather is bipolar sickness, yet that should could be clinically determined via a psychologist or a psychiatrist. Bipolar sickness in many cases happens after a guy or woman is a minimum of 40 years previous. A analysis and treatment could be made via somebody who knows your loved ones circumstances, scientific heritage, habit heritage, and has executed psychological finding out. Bipolar sickness is rather consumer-friendly to diagnose on exams inclusive of an M.M.P.I i wish this factors such perception. Sean Roberts

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    1 decade ago

    If it makes you go crazy when she yells at you----she must yell at you a lot.

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