Why does she look down?

serious answers please.

there's this girl.

she has a boyfriend. when we walk past each other, she looks down at her shoes. i've also noticed that she stares at me, fixes her hair, and pulls down on her shirt when i'm around her. when i look up from my work, she quickly looks away from me. why does she look down? and why does she do all of these other things if she has a boyfriend?

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    You are a very good observer and I can tell you that the behavior that she is exhibiting in your vicinity indicates that you turn on a warning switch inside her. The problem is, that you don't know if that warning switch is caused by her wanting to avoid you, or caused by her being shy towards you - two paths that indicate two very different things.

    The best way to find the motive for her behavior towards you is to try to observe how she associates with her current "boyfriend". You have already done a good job observing her, now try catching her with her boyfriend.

    It would be best to observe them in secrecy so don't stand out in the open while you are observing the scene. You are looking for the emphasis that she exhibits for her boyfriend and the emphasis that her boyfriend exhibits for her. If you notice that the emphasis between the girl and her boyfriend is very high (holding hands, kissing, etc.), this is a strong indication that she is avoiding you because there is something that you did that turned on that warning switch inside her. This does not always mean that she likes her boyfriend 100% and likes you 0% because, unfortunately, the girl might not be able to get away from her boyfriend. On the other hand, if you notice that the emphasis between the girl and her boyfriend seems to be more insignificant (no to very little physical affection), this is a strong indication that she is shy towards you.

    Keep up the observation, and you will find out soon enough.

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    This girl probably likes you. Doesn't matter if she has a boyfriend or not, she can still like you. Now it's up to you to decide if you like her, if you do...just go talk to her. If you don't, then just let her be...unless of course you don't like her acting that way then tell her to stop and that you're not interested.

    Now if you do decide that you like her, let her know and let her be the one to come to you or else everyone will be all like.."that's the guy that took her away from him". If you end up like fighting for her then that is not good because I know a lot of girls who feed off that drama. They love it when a guy "fights" for her, but those relationships rarely last.

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    uhm shes definately attracted to you. try to see if shes blushing.

    convince her to leave her boyfriend! just dont be "the other guy" unless you want to get killed lol

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    oooh soundslike your have your self an admirer ;)

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    1 decade ago

    This is just so simple...........ask her !

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