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What are some albums like Kala (hear me out)?

I don't necessarily want an MIA-like album or a pop album (but if that fits, that's fine). I'm looking for some albums that have a lot of controlled noise, lots of variety, and many different types of sounds on every song, but the album maintains cohesion. It can be from any genre. Any examples?


*cohesiveness :P

also, this q got ignored earlier, so if you wouldn't mind answering...;_ylt=Al0ZR...

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    Serengeti-Gasoline Rainbows.

    It's more hip hop influenced but contains different styles of rock and one song is made up of strange video game samples. Serengeti raps on it but I wouldn't call it a rap album.

    Gorillaz first album.

    If you haven't heard it, it has a bunch of genres from dub to punk to rap.

    Gil Scott Heron-I'm New Here

    Mainly a soul/blues record with electronic influences. Has some spoken word stuff as well.

    Janelle Monae-The ArchAndroid

    Has everything from funk to electro-pop to classical. Even a Big Boi guest spot.

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