WOW, does my CRUSH like me?(10 pntz please ANSWER!)?

OK - First day(yesturday). A friend of mine(guy friend) tell my crush that I like him RIGHT INFRONT OF EVERYONE INCLUDING ME. So he smiles and says "i've been knowing that for yearss". (we just met 3 months ago)

THEN - WOW, today, in p.e, we had to go inside a room cuz it was cold and raining. So later, the same guy friend said outloud "OH HEY JOSE, THE ONE THAT MICAELA LIKES!!!". and he points at me. So my crush was there just looking at me(from far-ish) and his whole face turned red, and he was smiling.



the girl next to him in lunch YESTURDAY, pointed at him, and then did a heart, and pointed at me. a way of saying *he likes you*. and then my other friend points and says "He likes you!!!?"

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~(i wrote that yesturday)

He didn't ask me out yet -.- but yes show stupid signs like

-Sitting inback of me(he sits somewhere else), so then he's like "please I want to sit here!".

-He heard that I was gonna go to the bathroom. So then the bell rings, he supposevly goes too, and he was just there waiting for me. BUT, I didn't go because I had to go to the cafeteria.

-When he just entered the class, I was talking with my guy friend about the homwork, and we r arguing, but in a funny way lol cuz I was laughing. THEN my crush just came and put his face close to my face, and said something to me. wow lol idk wat he said. I couldn't consentrate knowing that my CRUSH was talking to me after that embarresing moment.

ANYWAYS, now I'm not shy around him anymore :)

BUT does he like me? idk

It's been 3 days.. and hasn't asked me out? :P idkkkk

(this link will probobly affect ur answer :).. includes time he smiled at me, and blushed lol);_ylt=AjGNl...

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    It seems like he really does. maybe he hasn't asked you out because he's afraid, or you're never alone. A guy won't ask you out when you're sitting next to 5 other girls. Make it obvious you like him, but not desprate looking. Let him know there's nothing to be afraid of. And if by wed. he still hasn't talked to you, and he's given you more signs like these, then you should find him alone and confront him and say somethin like "Do you like me? Because if you don't you're giving me the wrong signs." And he'll probably ask you out.

    Good luck.

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